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Wedding, Birthday and Celebration Cakes

Traditional wedding and birthday cakes have been around for hundreds of years with the most popular usually the tiered iced classic.

Although there are now many variations to that basic theme, tiered cakeshave stood the test of time and remain the popular choice for many wedding and birthday celebrations.

Modern styling has seen the addition of colour and bright decorations as well as a departure from rum soaked fruit as the base. Torte and mud cake have become the recipe of choice of many modern brides and birthday party planners.

Mamuska’s famous mud cake recipe is the first choice for celebration cakes when taste is just as important as looks. Friends and family will take more than a polite nibble with mouth-watering flavours including Boston, caramel, marble, decadent chocolate and white gold.

Leave your guests with a delicious taste to remember long after your celebration is over. Visit your local Cheesecake Shop to see our full birthday and wedding cakes range and discuss decorating ideas or browse and order online. Some of our customers’ most popular choices include:

  • True Loves Kiss - An enticing four tiered chocolate design covered in chocolate ganache and elegantly decorated with red roses and ribbon surrounding the base.
  • Pretty in Pink - A rich, moist two tiered chocolate designcovered in pastel pink ganache and finished with a bouquet of pink roses and contrasting pink ribbon surrounding the base.
  • The Chelsea - A four tiered mud cake of your choice covered with an elegant patterned fondant and finished with a two toned ribbon.
  • Ascot - A spectacular modern layered design decorated in a white chocolate ganache and finished with silk flowers.
  • White Cherry - A three tiered design decorated in white chocolate ganache, topped with a mountain of white chocolate curls and maraschino cherries.

Contact your local Cheesecake Shop today for wedding and birthdaycakes as special as your celebration.

The average adult daily energy intake is 8700kJ.