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What is a birthday party without a cake? Party food, party hats, party themes all mean nothing without a Birthday Cake. The Cheesecake Shop has an extensive range of Birthday Cakes no matter the size of the event. Our most popular birthday cakes are sponge cakes layered with fresh cream.

Our customer’s favourite Birthday Cakes include our Rainbow Cake which is a six-layered colourful cake, Cookies and Cream Birthday Cake and Caramel Popcorn Birthday Cake. All sponge cakes are made with fresh eggs, local flour and sugar. Add a birthday message on top of the cake as well as candles, acrylic toppers or a chocolate number.


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How do I order a birthday cake?

You can order a birthday cake in-store, online or via your favourite delivery partner. Most birthday cakes on this site can be picked up on the same-day! Birthday cakes that require customisation can take longer and it is best to contact your nearest store

How much is a birthday cake?

Birthday Cakes range between $45 for a simple cake with a happy birthday chocolate plaque, to our birthday cake range at $50 all the way to our deluxe cake range at $90. You can also go big and arrange a completely customised birthday cake which is perfect for a 21st Birthday, 50th Birthday and 1st Birthday. Cakes that require customisation can take longer and it is best to contact your nearest store

What is the best birthday cake flavour?

The Cheesecake Shop’s best birthday cake flavour is the Rainbow Cake which has six layers of coloured sponge covered in fresh cream and rainbow sprinkles. The Rainbow Cake is available in a range of sizes and is the perfect Birthday Cake for young and old.

Can I have a birthday cake delivered?

You can have your birthday cake delivered by your preferred delivery partner. Most Cheesecake Shop bakeries deliver via Uber Eats, Menulog and DoorDash



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