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      Welcome to The Cheesecake Shop retail website. The Cheesecake shop is known for baking continental cheesecake, baked cheesecake, mudcakes, tortes, sponge cakes, pavolvas, cupcakes, macarons and desserts.

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      The Cheesecake Shop has a wide range of baked cheesecakes, continental cheesecakes, mud cakes, tortes, desserts, speciality cakes, savouries, kids cakes, candles, celebration cakes, wedding cakes, engagement cakes.

      • Baked Cheesecakes

        Baked Cheesecake made in the traditional New York style. We blend natural wholesome ingredients with vanilla flavouring and a dash of love.

      • Continental Cheesecakes

        A cold set creamy cheesecake that is much lighter than traditional baked cheesecake, but preferred by many - especially the munchkins.

      • Mudcakes

        Mamuska's Mudcakes are a fresh bake on an old favourite. Her recipe calls for extra of everything and no one's complaining.

      • Tortes & Gateaux

        The Cheesecake Shop is so much more than just cheesecakes. Have you tried our traditional Black Forest Torte or our classic Tiramisu? Our tortes are made with three cream filled layers of moist light sponge then dressed with ingredients such as fruit, chocolate and more.

      • Celebration Cakes

        With your special day in mind, we have developed a range of cakes with stunning design, delectable taste and unbeatable value for money. With three tier cakes starting from $99 visit your local Cheesecake Shop for more information.

      • Everyday Delights

        The Cheesecake Shop is so much more than just cheesecakes.

      • Mini Cakes

        The Cheesecake Shop is so much more than just cheesecakes.

      • Desserts

        We all know it’s an Aussie favourite and Mamuska’s recipe makes it beyond delicious with everything you love about a good Pav - tons of fresh fruit, a double dollop of fresh cream - a pav you have to have. If you like pavlova, don’t forget to sneak a look at our other Meringues.

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